To download and activate our software please follow these steps.

  1. To obtain a username and password for the free version firstly you must either reply to a promotional email we sent you or complete the registration form to receive your password via email.
  2. Please choose the software you require from the list below and download  to your computer.
  3. All versions of the program require a username and password to activate. You will be sent an e-mail containing your username and password.
  4. The username and password are then entered into the software preferences page to activate the software. Please see the relevant installation instructions for examples on how this works.
  5. You can use the same user name and password for all demonstration versions.
  6. SAP version for the software is compatible with 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows

DOWNLOAD SAP version 4.1.13 inc New Module SAP Extensions. Updated for Lodgement to Quidos Scottish EPC Register.

This is the latest version for England, Wales and Scotland released on 23/02/16. Version 4 is the latest release of our SAP software which can be used for SAP calculations for new build housing in England and Wales plus lodgements for Scotland.

Download SAP version 4.1.13 for Windows Vista, XP and Seven Updated for New Build and Quidos Scottish EPC.

DOWNLOAD SAP version 3.64 inc UValue Calculator Quidos England and Wales Assessors Only.

This is the latest version for England and Wales released on 10/02/15 includes update to the latest version of the Landmark XML Schema and must be used for all lodgements after 06/04/14. Please note this installation program will attempt to make a backup of your datafile and restore your user settings and projects. However this cannot be guaranteed in all cases. If you have not made a backup of your projects we suggest you export your files from the project list before continuing with this installation.

Download SAP version 3.64 for Windows Vista, XP and Seven inc U-Value Calculator 10/02/15 for England, Wales and approved for use with Quidos Scheme

DOWNLOAD MCS version 4.1.10 MCS EN12831 Calculations Only

This version is for use by MCS installers for EN12831 room by room calculations for biomass and heat pump. Includes Solar PV and Solar Thermal.

Download MCS version 4.1.10 for Windows Vista, XP and Seven MCS Installers only.