• MCS Sap Calculator

  • Solar PV Calculation

    The online solar PV calculator complies with the latest MCS standard using the solar irradiance tables, over shading factor, panel orientation and pitch to calculate the solar output of the panel. Available through your browser the PV calculator incorporates a feed in tariff calculation, the creation of a schematic diagram including inverter details and the G83 form. In addition to the solar irradiation tables the customer postcode is used to allocate the wind zone and wind speed for BRE 489 wind load calculation.

    The calculation is integrated with the quality management system. This means you can automatically allocate a calculation to a customer and project and the customer details are inserted into the reports when printed to pdf. Completed reports are then uploaded to the selected QMS customer file. Three report types are available.

    Feed in Tariff Calculation

    A feed in tariff report includes a graphical representation of the breakeven point of the system and detailed payback table which shows the feed in tariff payments available for that tariff. The feed in tariffs are updated when issued by Ofgem and the user can select the relevant tariff for the calculation. The system report includes the feed in tariff, wind load and system details.

    SSEG and Schematic Diagram

    In addition to the feed in tariff calculation you can enter the SSEG inverter details and select the relevant distribution network operator. This will enable you to produce a schematic diagram which includes the customer details from the quality management system.A standard G83 form can also be produced incorporating the customer's information which can be e-mailed to the DNO.

    QMS Compliance

    The PV calculation is integrated with the quality management system and reports these are uploaded into the customer's QMS file.

    Wind Load

    MIS 3002 requires the contractor to confirm that the roof is capable of withstanding the wind loads generated by the photovoltaic installation. Wind loads are calculated in accordance with BRE Digest 489 Wind loads on roof-based photovoltaic systems. The wind load module to calculate the loading of each panel and the total system for the roof in accordance with BRE Digest 489. This is simple to use and will ensure you will meet your compliance audit by providing a wind load calculation for each installation.

    Please click on the images in the right hand column for a detailed explanation of how the software works.

  • Solar Thermal MIS 3001

    The Microgeneration Certification Scheme has introduced a new standard for Solar Thermal (Solar Water) Heating. The new online calculator has been updated to comply with MIS 3004 and the CIBSE Domestic Heating Design guide for output calculations for solar heating systems.  Please see the screenshots on the right hand side for details of how the software calculates the solar panel output, water usage and wind loads for a dwelling. The software includes the following features.

    Details of the actual collector installed to include:

    • the cylinder manufacturer's name, type and model numbers
    • select existing heating system
    • total aperture area
    • zero loss collector efficiency (ηo) from EN 12975 test report
    • collector heat loss coefficient (a1) from EN 12975 test report

    Details of the actual hot water cylinder installed to include:

    • the manufacturer's name
    • model number
    • total volume (V)
    • volume of the dedicated solar volume (Vs)
    • surface area of solar heat exchange coil
    • surface area of any auxiliary heat exchange coils
    • maximum working pressure of each heat exchange coil
    • Example Solar Thermal Report inc RHI

    QMS Compliance

    The Solar Thermal calculation is integrated with the quality management system and weather reports are produced these are uploaded into the customer's QMS file.