QMS Accounts is an online service which allows you to manage your customers, suppliers and prospects and is integrated with the MCS QMS project management. Deploying QMS Accounts means that smaller companies can have access to functionality similar to systems costing thousands of pounds.

Why not start with your customers

  • Track enquires - use diary to log telephone calls, schedule sales appointments
  • List of Prospects by contact date, priority
  • keep on top of your callbacks with list of daily tasks
  • Manage customers and contacts
  • Email marketing - send newsletter to clients
  • Allocate customers and prospects to sales representative
  • Maintain log of customer contact and status

Plus some interesting features not available elsewhere

Web based multiple users - work from home or office

Automatic overnight backup to Amazon S3 storage

QMS Accounts includes all of the functionality you need to run your business and can be accessed from your office or home. Don't take our word for it try the demonstration.