The Quality Management System Jobs section covers the compliance requirements for each MCS installation. Within the Jobs section you schedule a job for installation, this can include multiple MCS technologies within a single job. Produce the pre-installation checklist for each technology. In most cases there is additional information required to commission system compared with the MCS compliance certificate. The job section produces an installation report required for commissioning the system and also the MCS compliance certificate.

Schedule Job

Use the jobs details page to schedule a date and time for the job and allocate the installers to the job. The installation team details are included on the checklist. On the jobs details page you will see the MCS technologies that are ready allocated to the job. For example if you are fitting heat pump and a solar thermal panel will see two calculations allocated to this job.


The installation checklist should be completed prior to visiting the site to carry out the installation. The checklist covers a number of items confirming that you have followed the procedure set out in the quality management system to ensure all materials are available on site on the day of the job. In addition the checklist includes the risk assessment for the site. A risk assessment is required for each job.

Risk Assessment

In the risk assessment section of the checklist select risk assessment type from the drop-down list. This will insert the risk assessment text to be included in the pre-installation report. Edit the text to reflect any site-specific issues and then select the check box to mark the assessment is completed. The risk assessment is included in the installation report which is handed to the team before they visit the site.

Commissioning Installation and Hand Over

Record the additional information required to commission system dependent upon the MCS technology. This information is in addition to that required by the MCS compliance certificate. Print the installation reports as a PDF file and this is stored in the documents section of the job.

The risk assessments included in the package are as follows:

Carpentry and Joinery
Door Furniture Fitting And Replacement
Timber Window Furniture Replacement
Suspended Ceilings
On Site Work
Workshop Activities
Operation And Use Of Dust Extract System

Electrical Fault Finding Electrical Circuits
Installation Of Cable Trunking/Cable Trays
Electrical works 415 Volts
Batteries Charging and Servicing
Installation/Maintenance Of Lead Acid Batteries
Replacement Of Electrical Component
Installation Of Electrical Supplies
Electrical Fault Finding Control Circuit
Temporary Electric Supply
Electrical Testing
Work Within Hv Switchrooms/Transformer Pens
Overhead Power Lines
Lamp Changing (Internal)
Install/Replace Fluorescent Luminaires (Internal)
Installing/Replacing Fluorescent Luminaires
Test or Change of Electric Motor

Work in excavations

Flammable Liquids
Fire Control
Flammable Liquids

Abrasive Tools
Generic Handtools
Cartridge Fixing Tools
Vibrating Tools

Manual Handling
Manual Handling
Slinging of Loads

Chasing out cable runs
Waste Materials

Flame Cutting/Welding Operations
Sheet Metalwork & Ductwork
Workshop Machine Tools
Drain Systems
Safe Use Of Blow Lamps

Moving Vehicles
Fork Lift Trucks
Mobile Cranes
Dump Trucks

Plant and Equipment
Materials Hoist
Lifting Equipment

Site Guidance
Confined Spaces
Occupied Premises
Underground Services
Site Offices and Facilities
Storage of Goods
Working Alone

Working at Heights
Mobile Access Platforms
Roof works
Scaffold Towers