A householder would like to undertake loft and cavity wall insulation for a semidetached house utilising a loan from a Green Deal provider.

Produce Green Deal Documents for Insulation in 10 Steps.

  • Duplicate the insulation template
  • Import the contact details for the Green Deal provider and print project details page to PDF.
  • Assuming you are using your normal installers check expiry dates certificates and print the confirm competence document to PDF
  • Print the site survey forms for the relevant energy efficiency measures, in this case the loft and cavity wall insulation.
  • Survey the site, this can be done on the same day as the installation.
  • Enter or upload the complete a copy of the survey form to the files section.
  • Print the method statements for the energy efficiency measures to PDF and distribute to the installation team.
  • Print the risk assessments for the energy efficiency measures to PDF and distributed installation team.
  • Print handover pack to PDF and distributed installation team.
  • Customer signs off completed work, upload the signed documents to the project.

Increase your productivity

In total the time spent to generate the paperwork for this project would be under five minutes. All of the documentation is held on the server and the audit trail is available for your green deal audit from your accreditation scheme. There is no need for additional work.