The Microgeneration Certification Scheme standard MCS 3004 requires a system performance calculation based upon EN12831 using two different methods.

  • The current version of SAP for new dwellings or CIBSE Design Guide
  • Historic energy use for existing buildings

SAP Biomass MCS 3004 Module

The SAP software has been updated to comply with the BS EN12831 and the CIBSE Domestic Heating Design guide for sizing calculations for Biomass.  Please see the screenshots on the right hand side for details of how the software calculates a room by room heating requirement for a dwelling. The software includes the following features.

  • Postcode look up for external temperatures and degree days
  • Internal room temperature and air changes by room type
  • Default uvalues for floors, roofs and walls. Choice of uvalues from SAP or BS EN 12831
  • Default Uvalues for windows and doors or choose to look up from the GGF database.
  • Automatically calculate areas for openings and deduct from external wall areas.
  • Biomass manufacturer and model from BRE database for efficiency and fuel
  • Party Wall and internal walls for heat losses between rooms
  • Annual heat load calculation including intermittent heating
  • Bivalent calculation for Biomass plus existing system
  • Calculation of fuel mass and volume
  • RHI calculation as per latest MCS standard.
  • Insert logo and signature in documents.
  • Integration with quality management system.
  • Example MCS Report includes RHI calculation
  • Example MCS Commissioning Certificate

The updated SAP software incorporating the MCS 3004 module is available with our quality management system for £200pa.

Live demonstration of the biomass calculation software is available from the demonstration button at the top of this page.