Project Templates

We have a pre-defined project template for the creation of the O&M Manuals. The templates include tasks and milestones for project monitoring and related documents which need to be completed by the task owner. The elements of the template can then be edited to match the requirements of your project. It is possible for you to customise the template for reuse in later projects.


Project members are automatically allocated a project workspace. This defines the focus for the member, meaning that everything they do now will be associated with the project. The dashboard provides the user with an overview of actions to be undertaken for project completion.

Task Manager

The tasks manager is used to request information, ask questions or issue instructions relating to the creation of the manuals. Progress against milestones and completion dates can be monitored. Tasks can be assigned to users, calender dates as required. Task comments are used to communicate regarding progress of the related document.

File and Document Manager

This the core section for the creation of the manuals. Documents created here are included on the final CD ROM. Proforma documents are included in the project template and I updated by the task owner. Document version control is available to track changes and the documents are organised hierarchically which is reflected in the menu system when the menus are produced. Files are included within this section such as CAD drawings and manufacturers pdf's for product information.


Access to an individual calendar and project calendar is available to all authorised users. Calendar entries can include links to previously stored information such as a meeting agenda, minutes or action plans. Using this module to organise key events helps keep production of the manual is on schedule.

Message Forum

Discussions enable project teams to debate all issues of interest to the project. Comments can be linked to items such as Documents, Drawings, Photos and Tasks.

User Management

User management makes it simple to add new users to the project who are then notified of your request by e-mail for confirmation. Alternatively the project manager include members and notify them automatically.


Users are notified by e-mail when there is a change in status to a project item to which they are a member. For example if a new comment is made to the task you will receive an e-mail. Similarly if a task is created and assigned to you by the project manager you are notified via e-mail.