Practice Manager has been designed for small and medium sized Architects, Engineers, Consultants and Contractors to leverage world class business management processes for the construction industry without the costs of a dedicated system.

Deploying Practice Manager means that smaller organisations can have access to functionality similar to systems costing thousands of pounds. Practice manager will enable you to improve the efficiency of your business by:

  • Single central source of data with remote access via the Internet.
  • No duplication of project information or customer contact details,
  • No re-entering data from spreadsheets or copying and pasting from Microsoft Word
  • Users have visibility of outstanding tasks and can focus on delivering projects.

Why not start with your customers

  • Manage customers and contacts
  • Email marketing - send newsletter to clients
  • List of Prospects - contact status
  • Allocate customers and prospects to company representative
  • Maintain log of customer contact and status

Plus some interesting features not available elsewhere

  • Web based multiple users - work from home or office
  • Automatic overnight backup to Amazon S3 storage