Getting Started only £200 per year - Call 020 7148 3322

For a total cost of £200 we setup access to the online system with your company details and logo. This also includes access to the default project template types.

  • Setup Practice Manager including logo
  • Setup of e-mail accounts
  • Includes a Complete Regulations document library which is updated every 3 months
  • Backup to Amazon server overnight
  • Administration panel to add or edit users and update customer and supplier information.

Why is it so cheap?

  • Its not - the others are expensive
  • 90% of the features does not equal 90% of the cost
  • Web-based hosted solution leverages Internet cloud storage
  • Standardised solution to meet the requirements of most of the people most of the time
  • Web-based support and training

Practice Manager is based upon the same software as our Microgeneration quality management system. As of August 2012 this is currently managing 1000+ live projects and 16gb of data.