Use the online collaboration features and time tracking to manage your projects. employees and contractors can manage their time per projects and per task. Automatically create timesheets from tasks when completed. Transfer the timesheets to invoice at the end of the month.

  • Timesheets per employee, and per project.
  • Generate timesheets and e-mail PDF to client for signature
  • Automatically create a sales invoice from the timesheet, each task with allocated hours represents an item within the sales invoice
  • Print the invoice to PDF and e-mail
  • View PDF invoices using preview
  • Generated documents are stored within the project file
  • Timesheet reports and statistics

Timesheet can be created directly from project tasks. To create a timesheet from the task you enter the start and finish day of the timesheet, mark the task is completed 100% then add the number of hours spent on the task. Saving the task will enable the create timesheet button which you can then use to create a draft timesheet a customer