Project List Examples

SAP 3.5 includes 160 worked examples which we use for the BRE approval. These cover every aspect of the SAP 9.90 specification particularly in relation to heating systems and their usage with renewable technology. The examples are held in the database for duplication where you can use them in a live project. Uniquely I believe we are the only SAP software supplier where the same package can produce calculations compatible with both the 2005 and 2009 specifications.


Ventilation systems are now held in the BRE PCDF database. This is updated monthly online and the software connects to the BRE to download the updates. A short list of systems can be created for the project which makes comparisons straightforward when you are comparing different building specifications to get the best SAP rating.


The most important change to the construction page is the enhanced thermal bridging and introduction of the party Wall. These elements are included in the construction page where there are detailed thermal bridging elements and losses through the party Wall


Windows section is very similar to SAP 2005. The window areas are automatically deducted from the parent  Wall area


Heat pump systems are now included in the PCDF for an accurate prediction of the COP performance of the heat pump.


The major change to the renewable section for SAP 2009 is the ability to include multiple renewable technologies. The software enables you to include more than one technology and mix different types to get the best result.