If you are using our software and need an EPC as accredited SAP assessors we can do this for you. The procedure is straightforward and outlined below.  There are step by step instructions together with an interactive video tutorial which show how to include the files to your project and send the project to our server for us to create the EPC on your behalf. When the calculation is completed and the certificate has been lodged on the Energy Performance Certificate and Home Condition Report Register we will supply you with a project file to include with your software together with a copy of the final EPC for the client. Each EPC contains a unique reference number which can be used to find the certificate on the register.

Step 1 Enter project information into software

Where possible enter as much information as you have into the software, as part of the verification process we will check your calculation against the plans supplied. As a minimum we require the following information.

  1. Project Address including postcode
  2. Window specification if not on plans
  3. Heating specification if not on plans
  4. Pressure test results
  5. Confirm use of accredited construction details
If you are unsure how to use the software simply attach the relevant data information sheets to the project and send it to our server.

Step 2 Attach files and send to serverProject_Reports

On the reports page of the software you will see the panel which lists the files attached to the project.  To attach a new file to the project please press the "new" button in the toolbar and this will open the "select file" dialog to choose the file to add to the project. For a basic sap calculation we need the CAD drawings together with the pressure test results and if applicable the site plan.


Project_Reports_add_fileWhen you have attached the files to the project use the "send calculation" button this will upload the project information together with your files to our server.  we will then contact you via e-mail to verify the job.