Our U-value calculator is fully integrated with our SAP software and produces U-value calculations compliant with BRE 443, BS EN 6946, and ISO 13370. Included in the software are 23 examples taken from these publications as part of the compliance process. the integration of the software provides the user with a number of unique benefits.

  • The calculator can be used independently to produce individual calculations or the calculations can be linked to multiple SAP projects.
  • The user can select an existing U-value calculation for a wall, roof or floor when entering the SAP project information.
  • The U-value calculations are stored within the software database so they can then be easily updated should a specification change and the user has the option to implement the changes across selected projects.
  • The calculator and includes the ability to duplicate the U-value calculations rapidly allowing the user to build a library of U-values for use across different projects.

The U-value calculator has been created to simplify the energy assessment process. The user interface includes a number of advanced features to quickly and easily allow you to identify a calculation and the projects where the calculation has been used.

Calculation list from with Sap Projects

When entering data directly into the sap projects you can look up existing U-value calculations. for example you are creating a new wall element for a dwelling and the you already have the construction U-value calculation created in the software. selecting the search icon a list is displayed of all Wall U-value calculations in the database. highlight and then save will insert the U-value calculation into the Sap project.

Find related projects where calculation is used

If you're working on large projects and experimenting with construction details that can be very confusing trying to establish which projects are using which type of construction.The U-value calculator allows you to quickly identify projects where the calculation has been used. Selecting a calculation and clicking on the icon in the top right-hand corner will reveal the related sap projects.

Updated Sap Projects

Where you are using common constructions and the calculation is used across a number of sap projects it is possible to update the calculation and simultaneously update the related sap projects. You have the option to update all of our selection of the project using the calculation.

Reports and Uvalue schematic diagram

The software generates a report containing the elements that make up the calculation together with a schematic diagram visualising the construction of the element. The option to display the schematic diagram can be turned off in system preferencesand the user can choose the colours of the individual elements. The reports can be saved as Microsoft Word documents or printed to PDF.