The U-value calculator includes 24 example calculations. To display the examples choose the "Show All" button this will give you the option to show or hide the examples. If you are an existing use of the software you will need to download the example calculations from the Internet.  Please see the instructions below.

Import Example Calculations - existing users

menu_importFrom the menu choose import projects, this will display the import dialog. In the project import window choose the option to update the calculation library.  This will contact our server and download the example calculations together with the templates used in the program.

Downloading the Examples and Templates

import_projectsThe 24 examples are taken from the following standard documents for the specification of U-value calculations for Uk and Europe.

  • BR 443 Conventions for U-value calculations 2006 edition
  • ISO 13370 Thermal performance of buildings — Heat transfer via the ground — Calculation methods
  • Examples of U-value calculations using BS EN ISO 6946:1997
  • ISO 6946 Building components and building elements - Thermal resistance and thermal transmittance - Calculation method

Viewing the examples

uv_show_allIn the project list choose the "Show All" button this will give you the option to display the examples. There are 24 examples in total. you can use the filter button (the magnifying glass) to search for calculation of a particular type.

New calculation using the existing information

uv_insert_manufsThe software has the option to incorporate layers in a new calculation that you have already defined in a previous calculation. to create a new calculation choose the "New" button the calculations detail page will be displayed and then the relevant option "Floor" or "Wall". Choosing "New" will display the materials window and he you can choose from generic material types or those using the previous calculation. selecting a layer and choosing "insert" will add a layer to the calculation