The company records section manages your MCS compliance process for company requirements. This includes employees, training, equipment, meetings and a reviews section where you manage any issues that occur for the company such as product on conformance or complaints by customer. Any of the actions for review can be automatically linked to a meeting and included in the minutes.

Employee and Sub Contractor

The employees section is used to manage the accreditations and training records of your employees and subcontractors and also to assign roles of the employees within your organisation. To meet your MCS requirements you need to create a record for each employee or subcontractor. All subcontractors need a signed copy of a subcontractor contract.


The training and accreditations list to create a new training or accreditation record. The purpose of this is to make a simple record of any training courses attended and accreditations granted together with their details.


All equipmentt should be calibrated and labelled to indicate its calibration status. A record shall be kept of all such equipment, which is used by the Company. The record shall include the serial number or number allocated by the Company, scale and frequency of checking/calibration along with suitable objective evidence to demonstrate that the equipment is capable of the accuracy which is required for the specified measurements.


For each piece of equipment which needs to be calibrated you can create a calibration record together with the date and results. This is then included in the equipment list this should be updated every time a recalibration is undertaken.


If you are a sole trader, having a quarterly 'meeting with yourself' may seem a little strange, however the point is to make sure that the Quality Management System that has been set up is reviewed on a regular basis and steps are taken to makes changes where the system does not perform as required. For a small business/sole trader, time should be set aside to go through the list of procedures with and provide a comment on each of them as to how well that procedure works.

Meetings Review Actions

Meetings are part of the quality control procedure where you can review the outcome of your business processes such as installing a system, purchasing etc. Meetings are linked to reviews and at each meeting you will be creating an agenda based upon the review actions you have linked to the meeting.