Qms customer relationship management and accounting includes online management of your customers and suppliers invoices and payments. You can create proposals, sales orders and invoices which can be printed to PDF and e-mailed directly to your customer or supplier.

Why not start with automating your invoicing

  • Create sales order, print to PDF and e-mail to customer
  • Convert order to invoice
  • Service based invoicing
  • Print and email invoices
  • Manage suppliers and purchase invoices
  • Allocate invoices to payments
  • Upload PDF invoices to the project management platform and update the budget for the client

Supplier purchase invoices

  • Manage supplier contact details
  • Generate Purchase Order
  • Email Purchase Order as PDF attachment
  • Convert purchase order to supplier invoice

Sales Reports

There are a variety of simple reports available to monitor the performance of your business. Whilst not providing a full profit and loss this constitutes a good overview of the current status of your income and expenses.

  • Sales by Month/Year
  • Sales by customer
  • Income/expense by Month/year